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If you’ve been wondering why America Under A.k.a. Obama increasing resembles Hitler’s Reign of Terror over the German people, if you’ve noticed how the American Government is swiftly assuming the ugly shape of Third Reich National Socialism, if you’ve been witnessing international events with signature Nazi treachery, viciousness, and retaliation, time to meet a baby girl from three-quarters of a century ago.

Baby Girl Braun-Hitler.

Daughter to Eva Braun, and Nazi Third Reich Führer Adolf Hitler.

A baby girl falsely known, in the wildly wicked world of The “Obama” Conspirators, as “Stanley Ann Dunham”, mother to the man who fraudulently presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II”.


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IMAGELeft: Third Reich Führer Adolf Hitler with daughter, Baby Girl Braun-Hitler, a.k.a. Obama’s actual mother, early 1940s. Right: Adult Braun-Hitler, a.k.a. [Jo] Ann Newman, with son, U.S. President a.k.a. Barack Obama at Washington D.C. Verizon Center, Holy Saturday evening, 30 March 2013 [Photo Copyright © 2013 Martin Simon/CNP/AdMedia]  Image Comp Copyright © 2015 Martha Trowbridge.