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An image is worth a thousand words.

But when it comes to Obama’s Identity Fraud, the ‘official’ passport images of his fake mother “Stanley Ann Dunham” are worth a whole lot more.

They’re priceless evidence.

For, embedded in these clearly digitally-created images is positive identification of “Stanley Ann Dunham” as one and the same with F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Ann Duke.


Three ‘official’ passport images for “Stanley Ann Dunham” mirror crucial identifiers portrayed in three ‘official’ images of F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Elizabeth Ann Duke”.

Three unmistakable identifiers

in passport images of “Stanley Ann”

are consistent with

identifying characteristics in “Elizabeth Ann” images.

“Stanley Ann” images also correlate with

images of Jo Ann Newman,

Malcolm X’s “Teenage Lover”.

Whoever you call her,

the person known as “Duke” at the time of her 1985 arrest is

in fact

the actual, living, mother of the man

who presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II”.

Identifying Mark One: The Neck Mass

A mass that appears on the neck of F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Duke is clearly visible on the neck of Obama’s mother “Stanley Ann”.

On “Stanley Ann”, the mass has been digitally subdued.

The “Stanley Ann Dunham” passport photo, below, appears in alleged ‘official’ United States State Department Passport Records.

The [desaturated] “Duke” photo remains currently featured by our F.B.I. on its website, and its current “Duke” Most Wanted Poster.

1 SAD1980sPassport+ElizabethDukeperFBI_NECKMASS

Identifying Mark Two: The Nostril

The same digital stroke utilized to create the falsified left nostril of “1985 Elizabeth Ann Duke” that is currently our F.B.I.’s featured image for her is evident in the ‘official’ 1986 Passport Photo for “Stanley Ann Dunham”. Descending lower than the tip of the nose, it unrealistically attaches to the skin above the mouth at a significantly lower position than the right nostril.

What’s more, “Stanley Ann’s” fake left nose nostril has had digital ‘shadow’ applied at its junction with the face – likely in an effort to balance the deliberate obfuscation of the right side of her nose.