Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Elizabeth Ann Duke” per F.B.I. 1988

Again, that old push. Of the ontological push-pull of The “Obama” Conspirators.

In A.k.a. Obama’s Mom’s “Elizabeth Ann Duke”* Terrorist Identity, the push of their signature Irrepressible Urge To Boast of their Royal Nazi Bloodline.

With nary a pull to offset it.

Without doubt, “Obama’s” Hitler Heritage lies buried within Mom Braun-Hitler’s “Elizabeth Duke” Terrorist Identity.

The identity under which A.k.a. Obama’s mother was arrested in 1985, as one of seven ‘Resistance Conspirators’ involved in a vast, far-reaching conspiracy to overthrow the United States Government.


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Braun-Hitler aka Newman 1965 + son Bari Hitler-Shabazz aka Barack Obama 1000x930

Image Comp Copyright © 2015 Martha Trowbridge. All Rights Reserved.

Left: A.k.a. Obama’s actual mother, Braun-Hitler, masquerading in New York City as “[Jo] Ann Newman” at the 1965 assassination of her lover, Malcolm X Shabazz, the father of her son, Bâri’ Malik Hitler-Shabazz, a.k.a Barack Obama [Right].