In 1980, when artist Grover Washington Jr. was making beautiful music back home in New York City, a.k.a. Obama and his mother were busy creating their own ‘art’: laying down fake West Coast ‘creds’ for the synthetic identity “Barack Obama Jr.” [Which later morphed into “Barack Obama II”.]

One of the earliest ‘proofs’ of the launching of his fake identity was found in a 1980 phone book by Private Investigator Neil Sankey – an entry for “B. Obama” on Glenarm Street, South Pasadena, California.

“Barack” and Mom. Mom and “Barack”. Two peas, one pod of decades-old Political Evil-Doing.

Two utterly fabricated names and lives: born-in-Hawaii “Barack Obama II” and born-in-Beeville TX “Elizabeth Duke”.

Is it no small coincidence that 1980 was marked by Grover’s mega hit, “Just The Two Of Us”?

Just the two of us

We can make it if we try

Just the two of us

Building big castles in the sky

Revolutionary Hero, a.k.a. Barack Obama, and his mom, Revolutionary Leader a.k.a. Stanley Ann Dunham  a.k.a. Malcolm X’s ‘Teenage Lover’ Jo Ann Newman a.k.a. Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Duke.

Ya think the Judge will show them mercy, and grant them adjoining jail cells?