TRUTH UNITE hosts U.S. Army Whistleblower Scott Bennett and U.S. Army Veteran Michael-Jay continue their interview with Terrible Truth‘s Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge on the actual personal history of “Barack Obama”. The discussion moves forward, shining The Holy Spirit’s Laser Light Of Truth upon the personal history of aka Obama’s radical, domestic terrorist, fugitive-from-justice mother. A brief overview of History Channel’s HUNTING HITLER Season One, and its relevance to Mom Braun-Hitler aka Stanley Ann Dunham, is presented.

Aka Obama is the ‘improbable love’ son of civil rights activist Malcolm X and Adolf Hitler’s daughter; hence his need for Identity Fraud, in order to overthrow the United States Government and institute Hitler-led Fourth Reich stealth Nazi leadership of America.

The show commences with an expose of deliberate, illegal quashing of The 13th Amendment to The United States Constitution, prohibiting lawyers from serving in Congress. The surreptitious, treasonous act occurred during the administration of President Abraham Lincoln, himself a lawyer.

Truth Unite is aired via Project Camelot TV Network, LLC.

Recorded 30 December 2015.


FEATURED IMAGE [at top of post]:

Left: Fake “Obama” mother Stanley Ann with her fake father Stanley Dunham, early 1940’s, as featured on the dustjacket of aka Obama’s 1995 so-called memoir, Dreams From My Father.

Right: Aka Obama’s actual mother, young Braun-Hitler, early 1940’s, with her Papa, Nazi Third Reich Führer, Adolf Hitler.

Please note that, to hinder identification of Braun-Hitler, both images have been digitally corrupted by The “Obama” Conspirators. For clear evidence of their signature ‘push to boast / pull to hide’, study the neckline and dramatic left-only puffed sleeve on both girls’ dress; the mirroring of Braun-Hitler’s floral inset in the dress ‘fabric’ of fake Stanley Ann; the darkening and falsification of fake Stanley Ann’s hair, hairline, eyes and mouth; the dark patch affixed to the crown of Braun-Hitler’s head; the clipping away of fake Stanley Ann’s earlobe; the fake hair patch over Braun-Hitler’s earlobe; the broad use of digital ‘light’ to obscure distinguishing characteristics of both girls’ faces; the occult flipping of the image orientation from Papa Adolf on left to Papa Stanley on right; and the close positioning of ‘Mom’ with her ‘adoring father.’ Note, as well, the gigantic digital ‘swelling’ of Braun-Hitler’s left jaw, to distort the contours of her face.

The use of World War II era sepia for his mother’s ‘image’ on the book’s dustjacket gratifies the ‘push’ to boast of aka Obama’s Hitler bloodline.

Ask yourself: why would the Dreams From My Father cover image show “Obama’s” parents as toddlers, if it is a story of their political ambitions?

Crop of the dustjacket to more clearly reveal fake Stanley Ann’s ‘dress fabric’:

Crop of aka Obama's so-called 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father.

Crop of aka Obama’s so-called 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father.