America, if you have visited this blog to discover the Truth about the man who presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II”, it is only fitting that you seriously ponder my request: over the next several weeks, as information pours forth, and accusations fly, Let Us Resolve This Peacefully.

Since my work commenced on 4 April 2011 at the bequest of The Holy Spirit, I have discovered unspeakable Political Evil at work in our sacred country. It is Evil long ago conceived, and for many decades brewing.

I have also discovered the emotional/mental histories of several human persons drawn into this Political Evil. For many key players, they are spiritually dark histories – lives that would be understood in secular terms as ‘traumatized’.

Do not misunderstand me: I hate the heinous Crimes Against America; the grave sins committed.

In no way do I excuse what happened.

Yet, for the sake of all our souls, it is our duty to do our very best to follow the teachings of Saint Francis Of Assisi, so eloquently expressed in his 13th century prayer, Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace. 

Sebastian Temple’s lovely song, from Eternal Word Television Network:

The Westminster Abbey Choir, at Princess Diana’s funeral:

From Cape Town, South Africa:

From Assisi, Italy – where the prayer originated 800 years ago: