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“A guy stupid enough to embezzle, and stupid enough to get caught.”
The Pitfall [1948]

aka Barack Hussein Obama II at the White House, 30 April 2014, with his clapping Mother, aka "Elizabeth Ann Duke" aka "[Jo] Ann Newman" at his left shoulder [AP Photo]

aka Barack Hussein Obama II at the White House, 30 April 2014, with his clapping Mother, aka “Elizabeth Ann Duke” aka “[Jo] Ann Newman” at his left shoulder [AP Photo]

America, you think you’ve seen brazen from aka Obama?

“Barack” can’t hold a candle to his mother.

F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Elizabeth Ann Duke”.

His biological, living mother.

Who, on 30 April 2014 openly stood at the side of her son, President X – aka President Obama – at a White House event.

Yes, that was Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Duke”, in her waning years, still as bold as can be, Revolutionary Grand Dame staking her ground at the Seal Of The United States President. Taunting We The People with her son’s Stealth Socialist/Communist Overthrow of the United States Government.

The U.S. Government Overthrow she’s been strategizing and executing for decades.

The very same U.S. Government Overthrow by bombings and other acts of terror for which she and six comrades were arrested and indicted, way back when in 1985. Bombs at places like The Washington Naval Yard. Fort McNair. The Pentagon. The United States Capitol.

The very same places her son now claims he rightfully rules.

Rightfully? In your delusion, Mom: Crimes got your son in; his crimes will hurl him out.

Despite digital attempts to disguise her, it was Mom, alright, recklessly, openly there, clapping for her notorious son. Mom, proud Co-Founder of May 19th Communist Organization. Staunch, tough, ever-fuming Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground Comrade. Self-declared radical Revolutionary. Indicted anti-U.S. Government Conspirator Defendant.

And long-time Fugitive Domestic Terrorist.

Mom, yes Mom, “Barack’s” Mom, perfectly protected by We The People’s Secret Service. Perfectly ignored by our F.B.I.

Mom, oh Mom: Revolutionary Grand Dame of our White House. Openly living the wicked fantasy she shared since the 1950’s with her lover Malcolm X, “Barack’s” father. Mom, still Laughing at America, as callously, she continues to stoke the worn-out psyche of her clearly collapsed son.

What does it matter to Mom, that in 1985, she was indicted in what became known as the Resistance Conspiracy case? What does she care, that she alone of seven Domestic Terrorist revolutionary comrades escaped Justice?

Now that her son, Revolution Commander-In-Chief Bâri’ Malik Shabazz, cloaked in the garb of a Democrat, deceptively seized The United States Presidency, what difference does it make that in 1985, via President Reagan’s Department Of Justice, Mom was declared a participant of a ‘vast and far-reaching conspiracy’ to overthrow the United States Government? Or that her comrades, tried between 1989-1991, were convicted, and sentenced … while Mom hid in plain sight, audaciously operating under another fake identity? 1989-1991, as her son, fraudulently enrolled as “Barack Obama”, enjoyed a second and third ‘undetected’ year at Harvard Law School.


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