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“Your mind and your soul, locked in a struggle; your body, the battleground.”

This Above All [1942]

President X.

That’s who fraudulently occupies The Office Of The United States President.

“President X” – not just because his so-called life ‘narrative’ teems with deceit, obfuscation, manipulation, lies, contradictions, fake people, composite characters, contrived vignettes, and phony relationships. Not to mention his utterly fake family photos. Or his forged and fraudulent identity documents.

“President X” doesn’t simply stem from the fact that there is not [and never was] a “Barack Hussein Obama II” as presented to America.

He isn’t “President X” solely because his official life ‘narrative’ glaringly omits the actual core members of his biological family.

First and foremost, aka Barack Hussein Obama II is President X for this compelling reason:

He’s the son of the man who called himself “X”.

Malcolm X.

He’s Son Of X“.

Bâri’ X.

Who, through exceptional deceit and massively organized Political Evil-doing, is now President X. Now the most notorious member of the Secret Shabazz Family.

A family that those on the ‘inside’ have long known about!

Amongst the Secret Shabazz Family members:

– President X, born Bâri’ Malik Shabazz; fraudulently known as United States President “Barack Hussein Obama II

–  His living mother, a woman of multiple criminal radical political identities; known at the time of Bâri”s birth as [Jo] Ann Newman, “Teenage Lover” to Malcolm X; since 1985 also known as FBI Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Elizabeth Ann Duke”*

– His famous father, born Malcolm Earl Little; known principally as Malcolm X; as well as Malcolm X ShabazzEl-Hajj el Malik Shabazz

After years of being barraged with fake “Obama” family vignettesfake “Obama” family documentsfake “Obama” family photos; fake “Obama”-mother’s professional vignettes; and, of course, the notoriously fake “Obama” Identity Documents of the man who brazenly fakes it as “BHO II”, enough is enough.

Time for the Antidote to the poisonous “Obama” Identity Lies.

Identity Lies that poison the least of us, and the best of us. His unsuspecting supporters, and those who see through his fraud. Identity Lies that poison every person who works at every level of government, supporting his fraud of an Administration. Identity Lies that bitterly poison the leaders of nations with whom he conducts world business.

The much-needed, power-packed antidote:

“Obama” Family Truth.

Three doses of which you can access below.

[The family secret of whether married Nation Of Islam Muslim Minister Malcolm X took President X’s mother as his Muslim [second] wife, we will leave for another post.]

“Obama” ID Poison Antidote, Dose I:  A.K.A. Obama’s Actual Family – The Secret Shabazz Family – Spotlight on Dad

'Official' Photos of three members of The Secret Shabazz Family: Mom, Malcolm, Bari

‘Official’ Photos of three members of The Secret Shabazz Family: Mom, Malcolm, Bâri’; Bâri”s photo by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

In this ‘official’ family cameo:

– Mom is presented in her official role of “Elizabeth Ann Duke” at the time of her May 1985 arrest for Domestic Terrorism

– Dad is depicted at his famous early 1960’s “By Any Means Necessary” speech, as official Civil Rights Activist advocating the use of “whatever mean necessary” to achieve racial equality

– Bâri’ is shown in his official role as United States President “Obama”, 23 July 2013. Photo [desat] by Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

This first dose of “Obama” ID Poison Antidote contains a powerful up-close comparison of Malcolm with his son, Bâri’.

Malcolm X Shabazz + son Bâri' Malik Shabazz

Malcolm X Shabazz + son Bâri’ Malik Shabazz

A pointed, no-frills close-up comp of Malcolm X delivering his “By Any Means Necessary ” speech in the early 1960’s, and his son Bâri’, fraudulently known as “President Obama”, brandishing a baseball bat in 2013, at the White House.

Unlike the heaps of intentionally corrupted, crazy-hazy images of various men falsely claimed as the father of “BHO II”, this image of Malcolm X is not only clear, it’s authentic.

So is the image of Bâri’, aka “Barack”.

In this image comparison, six structural similarities between father and son immediately manifest.

Upper lip contour

Look how perfectly the contour of Malcolm’s upper lip is reflected in that of his son. That’s genetics for you.

3 - upper lip contour - Malcolm X Shabazz + son Bari Malik Shabazz

Chin cleft

If you study President X, you will notice occasionally emerging an indentation in his chin. It is the chin cleft President X shares with his father, Malcolm.

Astute observation by Private Investigator Neil Sankey: aka Obama likely has regular “botox” type treatments to fill out his tell-tale chin cleft.

4 - chin cleft - Malcolm X Shabazz + son Bari Malik Shabazz


Since my investigation of the personal history of President X commenced three years ago, so many times, I read: “Barack has his mother’s ears!”

Another bold-face, wicked, deceitful misdirection.

Except for poking out a bit, Bâri”s ears clearly favor his father’s.

5 - ear - Malcolm X Shabazz + son Bari Malik Shabazz


Despite featuring some of his mother’s characteristics, the nose of President X aka Bâri’ Malik Shabazz shares definite structural similarities with that of his father, Malcolm X.

6 - nose - Malcolm X Shabazz + son Bari Malik Shabazz

Lower lip / under-mouth musculature

Who amongst us has not noticed the dramatic under-lip musculature of President X when he is stressed or upset? From whom does he inherit this? Daddy Malcolm!

7 - lower lip + under-mouth  musculature - Malcolm X Shabazz + son Bari Malik Shabazz


Though Mom’s tall forehead is also expressed in Bâri’, the similarity between Dad’s forehead and his cannot be missed.

8 - forehead - Malcolm X Shabazz + son Bari Malik Shabazz

Facial features are not the only physical characteristics Bâri’ shares with his famous father. They share physique – from long thin legs, all the way up through the torso.

The tragic 1965 morgue photo of Malcolm, compared to his son’s circa 2008 swimsuit photo:

torso - MX + BX

If you’ve not yet felt relief from “Obama” ID Poison, here’s a second dose of Antidote.

“Obama” ID Poison Antidote, Dose II: Spotlight on Mom

No post on The Secret Shabazz Family would be balanced without equal attention paid to Mom! After all, where would The “Obama” Conspirators be, without this “Singular Woman”?

Which brings us to the next “Obama” Family Truth: Mom’s hair.

Unlike the heaps of fake long-haired images of “BHO II’s” Manufactured Mother “Stanley Ann Dunham”Mom’s hair is characteristically short, and curly; she also has a distinct, off-center widow’s peak.

Mom’s widow’s peak is echoed in her son’s hairline – at least it was while he was at Harvard Law School! Here’s Bâri’, back in the day, and Mom, widow’s peak and all, in her current ‘official’ 1985 F.B.I. Mug Shot as “Elizabeth Duke”:

10 - BHO II at HLS + current Duke FBI Most Wanted Poster

Alas! Since his political launch as “Candidate Obama”, seems that electrolysis to trim away evidence of Mom’s widow’s peak has been in order, just in case anyone recognizes his Mom in him.

Sometimes, though, if you catch him in between treatments? Mom’s Widow’s Peak emerges in President X’s hairline.

Antidotes are powerful. Careful, you are about to ingest another powerful dose of “Obama” Family Truth.

“Obama” ID Poison Antidote, Dose III: The Laser Light Of Truth, Precision-Trained On Manufactured Mom “Stanley Ann Dunham”

And now, a Terrible Truth exclusive: Mom, compared in two of her most secret identities! [Jo] Ann Newman, “Teenage Lover” to Malcolm X; and “Elizabeth Ann Duke”.

Blessedly for We The People, Bari”s Mom sure got around. And she sure had her clutches in Malcolm. As my mother would say: “She didn’t let Malcolm out of her sight!”

Case in point: Mom with her married lover, Malcolm X, in Washington D.C., April 1963:

[Jo] Ann Newman with Malcolm X and friends Washington D.C. April 1963

Here’s Mom up close – that is, after The “Obama” Conspirators corrupted her image to try to disguise her:

12 - close-up [Jo] Ann Newman with Malcolm X +friends Washington DC 1963

Now, for an eye-popper.

Here’s Mom, as [Jo] Ann Newman, plopped atop Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Elizabeth Duke”, as aged by our Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Note the deliberate obfuscation of Mom’s nose in both images – in Mom as Newman, in Mom as Duke.

13 - eyes - JO ANN NEWMAN 1963 + ELIZ DUKE - FBI Age-Enhanced Photo

If you can stand it, here’s a zoom:

14 - eyes over eyes - zoom - JO ANN NEWMAN 1963 + ELIZ DUKE - FBI Age-Enhanced Photo

Since by now, you’ve downed three doses of “Obama” ID Poison Antidote, you likely can bear to see a stunning comp of “Stanley Ann Dunham”, the Manufactured Mother of “Barack Hussein Obama II”.

A comp in which she squares straight up against one of her criminal identities.

Remember the long-poured-over “Passport files” of “Stanley Ann Dunham”? Passports allegedly issued by The United States State Department? The alleged ‘authentic copies’ of which were sent in response to FOIA requests by law-abiding American citizens?

Here’s good ole long-deceased-so-we-must-respect-her! “Stanley Ann” from her utterly fake Passport, cozied up next to her ‘original’ 1985 F.B.I. Mug Shot as Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Elizabeth Ann Duke”.

The Fugitive who [ahem] vanished!

Stanley Ann Dunham Passport Image + Elizabeth Duke 1993 F.B.I. Most Wanted Image

Stanley Ann Dunham Passport Image + Elizabeth Duke 1993 F.B.I. Most Wanted Image

As the son of a man and woman whose lives boasted countless aliases, U. S. President X can also be Truthfully, appropriately dubbed:

2. “President Little”

3. “President Shabazz”

4. “President Newman”

to cite just three alternatives.

Call him what you want. It’s your choice.

But, please, whatever you do, as Patriots, for the sake of Truth and Justice, immediately, cease and desist from calling him “President Obama”.

For, as The “Obama” Conspirators knew – and wickedly designed to happen – every “President Obama” utterance serves to reinforce their evil, gleeful lie.

To ‘actualize’ their scam of all scams, a scam unsurpassed in human history:

The elevation of a SYNTHETIC IDENTITY to the highest political office in the free world!

History will show that the true signature achievement of The “Obama” Conspirators was the creation of “The President Who Never Was”.

A signature accomplishment rooted in evil, sprouted in evil; and one which grew into gargantuan, globally-expressed evil.

Evil that the world now turns to vanquish.

Unfortunately for Bâri’ Malik Shabazz, the empty identity “BHO II” is not the world’s target…the ‘stage’ identity through which consummate actor Son Of X safely, ‘guilt-free’ committed his sins, and enacted his crimes. [Who hasn’t heard him refer to himself in the third person, as “Obama”?]

Instead, the world now turns to vanquish the real-life man, heretofore hidden within the thicket of The “Obama” Conspirators’ lies.

The real-life man. The human person who – by those who professed to love him – life-long objectified him in pursuit of their cause: the destruction of The United States Of America.

The human person whose value always and forever lay in what he could do for those a generation ahead. His mother’s generation; “60’s Radicals” who were – and are – literally mad to get the destruction done.

The man, once a boy, wanting oh so very much to make his mother proud.

And to honor his lost father.

The man, once a boy, sternly warned: never, ever betray The Secret Shabazz Family.

The man, once a boy, who in his genes held great revolutionary promise!

Bâri’ X, Son Of X; once a boy, now President X. The man in the empty identity.

The man, who nonetheless, by any name, now faces grave consequences.


* Writer’s Note: In October 2012, my colleague, Private Investigator Neil Sankey, communicated to me that he had connected [Jo] Ann Newman – whom I had identified at Terrible Truth as the actual mother of “BHO II” – to F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Elizabeth Duke”.