America, clearly our prayers have not yet reached the soul of “Barack Obama”.

Yesterday, in his weekly radio/internet address, “Obama” talked dishonesty.

Not his dishonesty, mind you.

No. “Obama” talked about other people’s dishonesty.

Righteously, he demanded that his choice for Consumer Financial Protection Board director be approved, despite the fact that the Senate has told him no.

Refusing ‘to take no for an answer” he took his moral indignation to the American public, claiming that every passing day without his choice for CFPB director “is another day that dishonest businesses can target and take advantage of students, seniors and service members.”

To his word choices, pay close attention: “Obama” is going to protect us from those who are “dishonest”!

From those who  “target”.

From those who “take advantage of”.

America, let’s pray that next week, when “Obama” addresses us, it is not the eye of the video camera, but the Eye of The Lord our God that stares back at him.