This morning, an AP article caught my eye.

“After Crime, Punishment Awaits Ex-Gov Blagojevich” by Michael Tarm states:

“The impeached state executive-turned-reality TV star has good reason to feel anxious and afraid at the two-day hearing in Chicago. He faces the prospect of 10 or more years behind bars.”


As I read these words, I couldn’t help wonder, when “Barack Obama” is brought to justice for his transgressions against America, what sort of sentence would be levied against him.

Actually, I should say, sentences.

For Truth be told, charges could be levied by Attorney Generals of all fifty states – not just by one, as with Blagojevich.

The Federal Government would also weigh in.

So how many years do you suppose Obama – excuse me,  Bâri′ M. Shabazz – would get?

Oh dear. Time to call on The Boss Of The Blues, Big Joe Turner. Time for another music blast from the 50s –

Big Joe Turner in his inimitable Shake, Rattle & Roll: