An Amicus Curiae filed by The Alabama Democratic Party has got to be THE DUMBEST DEFENSE EVER by those who seek to shield a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama II from long overdue Justice.

Amongst other overblown statements in their filing re: McInnish v. Chapman, in Judge Roy Moore’s Alabama Supreme Court, is this one:

“In order for one to accept the claim that President Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, one has to buy into a conspiracy theory so vast and byzantine that it sincerely taxes the imagination of reasonable minds.”


A guy sporting an alias, using his considerable con to get away with it, “taxes the imagination of reasonable minds”?

A guy who only got away with his fraud because no one bothered to check him out.

Tell me, Alabama Democratic Party, what’s not to comprehend?

Are you really unaware that some people go around town pretending to be someone they are not?

Is it incomprehensible to think that someone slick and charming lied to you? About who he is, who his parents are, and where he comes from?

Have you never heard of Identity Fraud?

Which, in the case of one a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama II, translates into massive, repetitive Election Fraud, occurring over a period of nearly two decades. In multiple IL State Senate Elections, one IL Congressional Election, one IL United States Senator Election, and two United States Presidential Elections.

Alabama Democrats: what truly “taxes the imagination of reasonable minds” is the penalty for having committed so much crime. His victims are in the hundreds of millions. All of us have been materially harmed.

So has our highest Office.

Besides. If you were so convinced of his authenticity, why do you vigorously resist Court Examination of his Identity Documents?

By your statements, we “tiny cabal of zealots” know you know that a.k.a. Obama is a fraud. He’s as phony as his forged, fraudulent birth certificate. It’s in a.k.a. Obama’s Identity Fraud – the lies, the excuses, the defenses, the deceit – that elaborate thinking resides.

The Truth is simple.

What’s been coerced upon America – in fact, upon you too, Alabama Democrats – was a con. By a very small cabal of conspirators, many of them members of his family, who vowed by hook or by crook to get their boy to The White House.

A.k.a. Obama’s actual family, The Newmans of New York City – who concocted what they judged to be The Perfect Political Con.

One cheap crook in expensive clothing, flashing his father Malcolm X’s ‘winning’ grin, toting an Ivy League Law Degree [which he acquired under a false identity]. Impossible that he’s not who he claimed he is? Please. Alabama Democrats: have none of you heard that convicted criminal ‘Unabomber’ Ted Kaczinski was a Harvard guy? Does the name Ted Bundy, bright, handsome, charming Law School student, darling to Republican officials, ring any bells?