Granted that it’s not as big a story as the Obama administration’s refusal to recognize the capital of Israel (thereby implicitly stating that it doesn’t even recognize our supposed ally) but in 2009, numerous press outlets, including Newsweek Magazine, reported on the newly-inaugurated President Barack Obama having returned a bust of Sir Winston Churchill to the British. The bust, formerly on display in the White House, had been on loan from the British government’s art collection since the September 11 attacks.

Even the Huffington Post reported on this slap in Britain’s face by Obama over their imperialist history; this peeves him, ostensibly because his father was from Kenya, once a British colony. At least this was the story, and no one had meaningfully challenged it. Conservatives in the American press, as well as the British Press of course, widely reported the intentional affront. In October of 2011, I wrote a piece on the bust brouhaha for this blog.

The issue of the bust was given new life when presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney said last week in London that he was “looking forward to the bust of Winston Churchill being in the Oval Office again,” and again in conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer’s column for The Washington Post.

On July 27, it was reported by White House lackey Dan Pfeiffer on the White House blog that the entire bust account was a patently false “rumor” (or rumour, if you’re a Brit), laughing it off as though Obama had been accused of shooting Abraham Lincoln. Pfeiffer went on to spin a yarn claiming that the bust story (its having been shipped back to Britain) had been debunked long ago. The posting even provides a photo of two men’s behinds, allegedly those of Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, as they allegedly bend to examine the alleged bust on a table in the White House… allegedly in 2010.

ABC News’ Jake Tapper ran with this, explaining that there were actually two busts, hence all the confusion. One was supposedly a gift from the British Embassy during the Nixon administration, and the other, one loaned to President George W. Bush by British Prime Minister Tony Blair. By the end of the day, he was reinforcing the story, complete with excerpts from Lady Bird Johnson’s A White House Diary, claiming that this second bust had been given to President Lyndon Johnson.

Whose administration was prior to that of the Nixon administration…

Well, which is it? Were there two busts? Three? Four? Who received them, and when? Is Obama claiming he did or did not send one back to Britain?

I’ll tell you what it is: It’s bafflegab, essentially rhetorical diarrhea calculated in part to deceive, confuse, and render the recipient so frustrated that they cease to care what the truth is.

This administration has raised bafflegab to a high art. Case in point is of course the recent Obama “you didn’t build that” gaffe and non-retraction retraction concerning business owners. He’s on video saying it – but he didn’t really say it. He knows he’s lying, we know he’s lying, he knows that we know he’s lying, we know that he knows that we know he’s lying, but it no longer matters…

As far as the Churchill bust goes, if it was such a controversy, why did the White House wait three years to clarify the matter? You can probably figure that one out in about a nanosecond, but if you ask the press or the administration, all you’re likely to get is more bafflegab. If the Queen herself were to make a statement that yes, the bust had been returned and the British were monumentally ticked, the Obama administration would claim that the Queen is an omnisexual space alien.

So what’s the truth?

By now, who even remembers the question..?

The lies this president tells and those which are fire-hosed at us from his administration on a daily basis have become impossible to enumerate. And that’s part of the design. What’s truly disgusting (and some would say treasonous, given the nature of this radical administration) is the establishment press’ willingness to validate this swill. They truly have no credibility left, and no shame.