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Evidence emerges today – revealing how aka Obama managed to control FOIA requests for anything to do with his ‘family’.

The 2009 FOIA LAW AMENDMENT is the structural mechanism by which FOIA requests for his ‘family’ records [the fake “Stanley Ann” and fake Kenyan father “Barack Obama”] were automatically forwarded to the WH; where forgeries were created, then disseminated.

Time will validate it: Everything we’ve been handed via FOIA re: aka Obama’s ‘family’ is forged/fraudulent. The “Stanley Ann Dunham” Passports. The Kenyan “Barack Obama” Immigration records. And more.


Now, let’s see what wicked wiring was put into place re: state and local FOIA requests for “Obama’s” fake family. And other persons of interest. Say, Bari M. Shabazz, for example.

Citing Cause Of Action Sunshine Week Project – Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner: