America, I ask you to consider something with great seriousness.

What you’ve seen reported at Terrible Truth was enacted out of pain, the perception of powerlessness, and despair.

I’m talking human frailty.

I’m talking about suffering humans choosing a pathway that they may later realize was not the right pathway. But they find themselves so far down that path, they fear there’s no turning back.

But there is turning back. Just look at Malcolm X. Not just when, as a young man in prison, he transformed his ‘wayward’ life and joined Nation Of Islam. Many years later, as a seasoned Minister, as a very public figure, in spring 1964 he realized that, in fairness to what he had learned about life, it was time to modify a long-held position against white people.

Malcolm found the courage to publicly acknowledge his profound inner transformation. From what I understand about his personality – and his reputation – it could not have been easy to do so.

But he did it.

From an existential standpoint, it was Malcolm X’s most momentous moment.

I bet that loving Jo Ann Newman had a lot to do with his awakening. In Jo Ann’s steadfast love, Malcolm came to see his human frailty. So, Barack, I submit that not only was their love ‘improbable’, as you enjoy labeling it, your parents’ love was what love is meant to be: transformative.

If human love is this powerful, imagine Divine Love.

And Divine Mercy.

Barack, I know that making things right may feel impossible. I know it may feel overwhelming. But it isn’t. You’ve got everything you need within you to do it. I have faith in you. I’ve seen what you’ve sacrificed. I know the determined stock you come from.

Mother Angelica, foundress of EWTN, The Eternal Word Television Network [http://www.EWTN.com] teaches us: “Hate the sin but not the sinner.” How wise. How relieving for all of us – those injured, and those who injure  – to meditate upon this axiom. It gives us an elegant, appropriate framework for both accountability and compassion – and for human transformation – wonderfully tied together.

So you see, America, what was done emanated from human frailty. Nothing more and nothing less.

And what we can all now do about what’s been done, is to help Barack Obama make things right, by joining in genuinely assisting him to take the boldest step he’s ever taken.

The step into his future as a transformed man.